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Hogoog platform is the easiest solution to spread your services to a wide range of clients and legal service seekers. You can contract with clients to fulfill their legal requests and cooperate with advisors to help you complete your work, online and through the Hogoog platform.To compete in the market, you must keep pace with technological changes in order to benefit from them to simplify and facilitate your business and gain a competitive advantage. We have provided that for you.


Full guarantee

Hogoog platform is distinguished as the only platform in the world that provides guaranteed legal services to all parties. By using the Hogoog platform to pay for the required services that are agreed upon between the two parties, it will be a mediator between the service provider and the customer, and it guarantees to both parties his financial rights without delay or disruption. If you are not satisfied with the final service or work, be assured of 100% return. From what you have paid, in the event that the lawyer or service provider fails or delays in carrying out his work.

About us

Attracting new clients

Attracting new clients

Today, business clients, especially those higher in the value chain, are seeking integrated, multidisciplinary solutions. With our platform, you can offer to help your clients design and manage their legal and business processes, creating new efficiencies and increasing profitability for them.

Hiring specialized consultants

Hiring specialized consultants

As a lawyer who receives a lot of cases, You can’t do it all alone, even if that’s how you started and initially grew your law firm. Over time, your commitment to trying to do everything on your own is actually holding you back. Hogoog provides you with legal consultants assistance you by writing legal documents, research issues thoroughly and develops innovative solutions to legal problems.

Moneyback guaranteed

Moneyback guaranteed

Hogoog platform guarantees that you will obtain your fees from clients upon completion of the work as required by legal norms, and you will not be assigned to perform any legal action until after the agreed amount is transferred to the Hogoog platform, which represents the mediator between you and the clients.
In the event that the legal consultant fails to do his work or is late in its delivery. We assure 100% refund.
** The refund clause is subject to payment through the platform and not a direct payment to the legal consultant.



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