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As the demand for specialized legal expertise grows, many legal organizations look to independent legal consultants for help. These professionals provide a range of services to augment the internal capabilities of a law firm or legal department on a short-term or project basis.


Full guarantee

Hogoog platform is distinguished as the only platform in the world that provides guaranteed legal services to all parties. By using the Hogoog platform to pay for the required services that are agreed upon between the two parties, it will be a mediator between the service provider and the customer, and it guarantees to both parties his financial rights without delay or disruption. If you are not satisfied with the final service or work, be assured of 100% return. From what you have paid, in the event that the lawyer or service provider fails or delays in carrying out his work.

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Are you a legal expert?

Are you a legal expert?

Whether you are a paralegal, law clerk, legal secretary, we can help you find work on our platform. Sign up and join the community today – To obtain additional financial income Hogoog provides the opportunity to offer your legal services to law firms. You can work from anywhere and at any time.! Your next client could be just one click away!



It’s a nontraditional career path in the legal field, but one that can afford you the autonomy that isn’t often available as a full-time employee. It can also be lucrative — especially if you have a background in business or an in-demand specialty. If you’re drawn to a flexible schedule and a wide variety of assignments, consulting could be a natural fit. Read on for answers to common questions you may have when considering a legal consultant career.

Moneyback guaranteed

Moneyback guaranteed

Hogoog platform guarantees that you will obtain your fees from clients upon completion of the work as required by legal norms, and you will not be assigned to perform any legal action until after the agreed amount is transferred to the Hogoog platform, which represents the mediator between you and the lawyer.
** The refund clause are subject to payment through the platform and not direct payment to the legal consultant and to terms and conditions.



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